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Top Blockchain keywords for SEO - Attract more organic traffic for your Blockchain business

SEO for blockchain companies is essential to attract high volumes of organic inbound - if you get to the top of Google for these search terms, you could be attracting millions of users passively to your site. However, out of all of the industries we've worked with, blockchain is one of the hardest topics to rank well for on Google. Many blockchain-related keywords have a full difficulty score of 100, which means it's super competitive and nearly impossible for your site to show up on Google for those keywords.

Currently, there are tons of blockchain-related companies being created in hopes of capitalizing on this new opportunity. How can your business rise above competition and rank at the top of Google? Consistently creating content on keywords that people are actually searching for is vital to grow your rankings on Google and improve SEO for your blockchain company. Click here for more info on best practices for keyword selection.

Here is a list of blockchain keywords that you can leverage for the most impact on your SEO, depending on how relevant it is to your product or service. We've sorted these by keyword difficulty - this is a metric from 0 to 100 quantifying how difficult it is for you to rank for that keyword (0 is the easiest, 100 is the hardest). Simply put, a lower difficulty score for a keyword means it's easier for your page to rank on Google if it contains that keyword.

It's important to leverage high-volume, low-difficulty keywords to improve the SEO of your blockchain business. Using keywords with a difficulty score under 50 would be the most efficient way for you to improve your rankings on Google, especially if your site is fairly new and does not have much authority.

We hope this list provides you with some ideas of keywords you can use throughout your site and content. Note that keyword volume and difficulty scores fluctuate considerably over time, so it is important to keep up to date with the latest keyword trends and data in order to determine the best keywords to use. We will update this list every quarter, so remember to check back regularly!

If you're struggling in attracting organic traffic and ranking on Google, we can help! ASATA specializes in SEO for blockchain, web3, and other emerging tech companies.

Ready to accelerate your business? We'd love to learn more and see how we can help. Book a free discovery call with us today!

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