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Case Study - Increasing Conversion Rates by 850% for Librestream, an Entreprise AR/AI SaaS

Librestream is an enterprise SaaS that provides AR/AI solutions to industrial companies. Despite the effectiveness of their solutions, Librestream struggled to generate traffic and leads through their website. Their target keywords, such as remote expert or remote assist, were fairly new and niche terms which did not have much search volume at that time. Their paid ads also had very low conversion rates.


228% Increase in Organic Traffic

850% Increase in Conversions


To help Librestream increase their organic traffic and conversion rates, we implemented a comprehensive organic and paid marketing strategy.

First, we conducted a thorough SEO audit of the Librestream website, identifying technical SEO issues and opportunities for optimization. We worked with their development team to fix these issues, including improving page speed, optimizing meta tags and descriptions, and fixing broken links.

Next, we conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-volume, low-difficulty keywords and topics that would help Librestream rank higher in search engine results pages and attract more organic traffic. For example, instead of 'remote expert', we added 'remote operations', 'virtual inspections' or 'remote field service' to increase reach and attract more organic traffic. Because the digital transformation space was competitive, we used longer-tail keywords that were much easier to rank for. We also helped create industry- specific pages to draw in more relevant traffic from their target verticals.

We also set up paid campaigns that focused on the painpoints of their target customer profiles. We implemented a multi-stage approach to thoroughly nurture leads and improve conversion rates. The first stage is top of funnel, bringing users to an educational piece of content such as a blog or case study. The goal was to get as many page views and engaged users as possible to our site. We would retarget engaged users with the second stage, which would bring users to a gated asset such as a webinar or white paper. Users had to fill out a form in order to access the asset. By doing so, the user would be funneled into their CRM for the sales team to follow up. Finally, we would retarget users who had filled out a form with the final stage of our campaign, sending users to the 'request a demo' page. By segmenting campaigns into multiple stages and retargeting users that were engaged, we were able to generate high-quality leads at a low cost-per-click, and significantly increase conversion rates.

As a result, their organic traffic increased by over 228% and conversion rates increasing by 850% in 2020.

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