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How to write impactful headlines for your VR AR business

The headline of your website's home page or social media page is one of the most important blocks of text, and definitely the one that users notice first. Be sure to make the most use of this limited space by inserting the most informative, compelling title to educate and grab the user's attention.

Here are some of the most common elements to avoid in headlines, and what to use instead.

Abstract or 'inspirational' slogans


Think different.

Just do it.

From imagination to reality.

The future of XYZ.

If this is a company you've never heard of before, you would have no clue what the company is about from Just do it. Unless your company has a market share like Apple or Nike, using such headlines provides no value or meaning to the user.

Buzzwords or overly-broad terms that do not provide much context


Your digital transformation partner.

AI-powered XYZ.

Democratizing XYZ.

Revolutionizing XYZ.

These topics are so vast, or the buzzwords are used so much, that they don't provide much information to the user, nor do they give you much competitive edge. How specifically do you help with digital transformation? What are the exact functions and benefits from the AI of your platform?

Being the first


The first XYZ.

Pioneers in XYZ.

Being the first does not mean being the best. Google is not the first search engine. Amazon is not the first ecomm site. Stating that you are the first does not provide much justification or value to the user. Instead, use keywords such as top, #1, or leading, where applicable.

Describing features without the benefits

Users not only need to know what specifically you do, but also how you'll add value to them. In addition to describing your product or service, clearly state your competitive edge, value, or ROI. Why should prospects choose you over competitors? What value can you bring to the table? Your headline would be especially effective if your value prop is directly relevant to the prospect's painpoint.


From The top VR medical training platform to The top VR medical training platform. Increase productivity by X%.

From Optimize your 3D objects to Optimize 3D your objects. Reduce memory allocation by X% without quality loss.


Given a limited space of only 1-3 lines of text, the headline of your homepage or social media page should only include the most useful information to educate and captivate the user's initial attention. We hope these tips can help you refine your headlines for the most impact.

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