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Top marketing challenges for AR/VR/XR companies

In today's fast-paced world where technology can evolve in the blink of an eye, it can be hard to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, especially for companies in the VR/AR/XR space. Not only do they have to navigate the landscape of rapidly-changing technology and competition, but also market their products effectively to gain customers and generate revenue.

From almost a decade of working with clients in this space, here are some of the most common marketing challenges we've observed from new clients, and how we helped resolve them. Do any of these painpoints resonate with you?


Low organic traffic. Low inbound rate

This is especially prevalent in startups or new websites. Most of their lead gen is from manual outbound, which takes time and effort. They are hardly ranking on Google and getting organic inbound traffic. These companies need to focus on adding high-quality, low-difficulty keywords across their site and blogs, and optimizing their website speed and performance to improve their visibility on Google. If executed properly, this can bring in a sustainable, passive flow of leads to your site.

Paid ads have low CTR and conversion rates

This can be due to a variety of factors including: • Poor selection of keywords in the ad copy. • Poor audience targeting. • Landing page is not optimized to drive users towards a conversion. It's vital to first set up analytics and conversion tracking properly so that you can compare the performance of all your campaigns, and see how users interact with your landing page. It is also essential to do proper keyword research, leverage high-volume keywords in your ads, and constantly AB test different ads and audiences to refine your 'sweet spot'.

People aren't searching for your product or service

The product or service may be so new and innovative, people aren't even aware to search for it. There's usually a discrepancy between how you describe your product vs. what people are searching for. You need to research what terms your prospects are actually searching for and leverage these keywords throughout your site and content to attract organic traffic.

Your product or service has many use cases in many different industries

It's difficult to rank on Google or get high conversion rates for your paid ads if your content is too general. It's much more powerful to create separate pages and content specific to each of your target industries or use cases. Leverage low-difficulty, long-tail, industry-specific keywords in these pages to ensure they are optimized for SEO.

Competition is fierce! Hard to rank for your niche

Due to competition, it's very difficult to rank for keywords such as VR gaming, 360° real estate tours, digital transformation, industry 4.0, and other hot keywords. Instead of focusing on these generic terms, you need to research variations or long-tail alternatives that are lower in difficulty so that you'll have a higher likelihood of ranking on Google right from the start.

Website has a low conversion rate

You might be getting traffic to your site but very few visitors are clicking 'purchase' or filling out your lead gen form. You need to set up analytics and tracking properly so that you can see how users are navigating throughout your site, where they're clicking, and what elements work or don't work. This data will guide you on how to refine your layout and UI/UX in order to intuitively drive users towards your end goal. Remember, the goal of each page of your website is to drive the user to the next step, and eventually to a call to action.



For companies in the VR/AR/XR space to grow and scale, it’s important to develop an effective marketing strategy, being mindful of the challenges we discussed above. If you're experiencing similar painpoints and are looking for solutions, we'd love to help! ASATA is a marketing agency specialized in supercharging AR/VR/MR/XR companies. Let us handle the marketing while you focus on perfecting your product.

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