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SEO & Organic Growth

A comprehensive, done-for-you solution to get your website to the top of Google. This includes full SEO auditing & maintenance, keyword tracking & research, and full content creation by our copywriting team. Attract thousands of warm users to your site passively and organically, without having to pay for ads.

Who is this for?

Any company that's not getting enough organic inbound or not ranking well on Google. If you're not at the top, that'll severely limit people from finding your business. Meanwhile, your competitors that are already at the top are effortlessly getting thousands of visitors per month. Relying on other avenues, such as referrals or active outreach, would limit the company from scaling and maximizing market share.


Grow with confidence. At ASATA, we specialize in tech and SaaS companies, and deploy a proven, scientific process to ensure that your business gets to the top of Google as quickly as possible.

✓ Full audit & optimization

✓ Technical SEO

✓ On-page SEO

✓ Analytics setup

✓ Conversion tracking

✓ Website UI/UX optimization

✓ Keyword tracking

✓ Keyword research

✓ Content generation

✓ Maintenance & refinement

1 Analytics & Tracking

We setup analytics and conversion tracking. We gather your previous data to see what worked and didn't work, so that we can refine your strategies for the optimal growth.


4 Keyword Tracking

We track your keyword rankings over time to see how well you're ranking on Google, and what keywords we can leverage for the quickest growth. We provide regular reports so you can transparently see the growth in your rankings we've generated over time.


2 Full SEO Audit

We conduct a full audit of your website to detect SEO issues. This includes on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. We fix, optimize, and regularly maintain everything for you.


5 Keyword research

We analyze thousands of keyword variations from an industry-leading database, and leverage the keywords with the highest volume and lowest difficulty for your business. Using these keywords will ensure that your website increases its rankings as quickly as possible.


3 Website optimization

We make sure your website is lightning fast and meets Google's standards. We also ensure your UI/UX is optimized for engagement and conversions.


6 Content Creation

We have a dedicated content writing team to produce full articles for your website. These articles are guaranteed to have the highest SEO score possible, maximizing your likelihood of ranking on Google. Minimal work is required from your team.

Ready to accelerate your business? We'd love to learn more and see how we can help. Book a free discovery call with us today!

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